Watch boats on WATCH

Install smartphones on boats (or hand them over to the crew)
Watch the position of boats in real-time
Capture shock events and connect to board electronics via WiFI
Get approximation notification (hand-over planning)
Alarm if non-allowance zones or other geo fences are touched

Use Sailingtools on SENSE

LogBook with full maritime data access
Compass with Waypoint-Direction
Get Anchor-Alarm if boat is moving out of radius
Activate the Broadcast-Mode to share your trace, fotos and logbook with your friends (e.g. on Facebook)

You can watch in real-time position, course, speed and board electronics data (NMEA 0183 via WiFi) of a boat live on a tablet, smartphone or web browser. You can broadcast and share your trip and logbook entries with your friends via your social network or an individual website. It is very easy to create areas (Geofences), e.g. the port, and get notifications if your boats are leaving or entering these area. You get remote access to board electronics NMEA 0183 via WiFi) to control motor data and other relevant data. Planning hand overs and visibility of boat usage is getting easy.

As a sensor you can use any Smartphone with SENSE (SENSE Sailingtools and Tracking) to capture events on the boat and to transmit them to WATCH. The smartphone can be installed permanently. Or the crew is using SENSE as electronic logbook, compass with waypoints and anchor alarm. All events and board electronics data can be watched on tablets, browser or smartphone. In WATCH you can administrate unlimited numbers of boats e. g. for racing or fleets. For maintenance or rental you can watch the current position of your boats to plan the hand-over and to watch if the crew has really avoided forbidden zones. If you create Geofences, you get automatic notifications and daily reports of your boats.

You need a smartphone or tablet to download the Watch App. After registration you can log in also via Web Browser from your desk (Click green button on the left or type in

Use a Smartphone to capture GPS, NMEA and other sensoric data. You can use your private phone, but for permanent installation on a boat a dedicated Smartphone with a data plan is required. SENSE is available for Android, iOS and FireOS. We track cross-platform.

SENSE and WATCH are free of charge. Only in cases where you like to watch more boats in parallel you have to extend the license through InApp purchases.

To follow your boat, you need two components:

- WATCH Tracking for Boats
- a Smartphone with a data plan and SENSE Sailingtools installed

As a sensor you can easliy use an existing Smartphone and download SENSE Sailingtools and Tracking to that phone. After you have SENSE up and running, you start an activation procedure from your WATCH. This ensures that only phones you like to see, are visible in WATCH. If you like, install the phone on your boat on a place with good GPS reception and plug it to power. Typically you will not have to touch your phone again.

It is also possible to watch phones, that are already activated other WATCH users. Just run through the activation procedure and the phone can be watched in parallel.






You need a smartphone?
It has to run Android 4.x or iOS. Don't forget accessoires like power plug or charging cases.
Our Partnerstore in amazon. Or get a used phone from rebuy.

You need a SIM Card?
If you need a SIM Card with a data plan that fit into personal needs, have a look for example at congstar. But of course any other providers are also working.