What phones can I use?
In general you need a smartphone. To be exact: It has to be a smartphonbe with one of the following Operating Systems inkcl. connection to standard AppStore: Android 4.x, iOS 7.x, FireOS

Can I use my personal phone?
Yes, if it is smartphone. If you use your personal phone, there might be a difference between "tracking the boat" and "tracking you as a person". Be aware that you have to take care for battery life, if your phone is not connected to boat power system.

Does your App influence my battery life?
Yes. WATCH typically has no significant effect on your battery life, but SENSE is activating GPS and highering the power consumption. This effect can be very strong with "older phones". In these cases we recommend to have power supply all time. For Android we offer full control over GPS and transmission cycle to reduce power consumption. Our (non representative) experience in our field testing was: If you activate SENSE on an iPhone 4s, don't expect to come through the day without charging. iPhone 5s looks better and you should come through the day if you reduce other power eaters (WiFi or Display brightness). With our Android phones the experience was better (Moto E, Moto G, LG G2, Samsung S4). If you go for 1 Min GPS recording and 1 hour transmission, it will not change dramtically your battery life. Summing up: If you use SENSE on your phone without power plug, it seems more approbiate to use an Android phone.

Which map material are you using?
It is OpenSeamap, OpenStreetmap, partially Googel Maps and OpenLayers. For other solutions, please contact us.

What is the best position to install the phone on a sailing boat?
There is no general answer because it is depending on used material. We recommend to install not under or direct by the mast. The metal disturbs GPS receiving. Find a place on the edge of the boat where you still get access to power. Sometimes an external GPS Mouse can enhance GPS quality. If you are not using an IP67 certified phone ensure that it is secured from seawater contact.

Are my data safe?
Yes. All position and account data are hosted in Germany by german owned providers and are treated with data privacy rules compliant to German laws. All transactions in our server are SSL-certified.

Does your App work on open sea?
Yes and no. All sensorical data are captured whenever you have activated SENSE and wherever you are. But we will transmit these data only through GSM networks which are typically available up to 30 km distance to the coast. Sailingtools do not need internet connection. They are working locally (Compass, Logbook, Waypoints, Ancho Alarm, NMEA)

Do I receive positions from Glossnass or BeiDou?
Yes. Our software is processing all sensor information that is available from your mobile operation system, including, shock, gyroscope, light and positioning. Please check the details of your phone. If your hardware is capable of receiving e. g. Glossnass, you will find these positions on your map.

How can I connect to NMEA Board Electronics Data?
Therefore your board electronics have to be available through WiFi by a WiFi Multiplexer. Following steps describes the procedure with ShipModul Miniplex-2WiFi. But all other NMEA Multiplex-Moduls are also working.
1) Connect your NMEA 0183 sensors plus (+) wire to the NMEA input plus (+) connector
2) Connect your NMEA 0183 sensors minus (-) wire to the NMEA input minus (-) connector
3) If your NMEA sensor is not equipped with a dedicated NMEA data minus (-) wire, connect the sensor units ground (GND) wire to the multiplexer NMEA input minus (-) connector
4) Make sure the multiplexer is connected to an appropriate power supply.
5) Now connect your smartphone to the WiFi network provided by the multiplexer unit to establish the data flow.






You need a smartphone?
It has to run Android 4.x or iOS. Don't forget accessoires like power plug or charging cases.
Our Partnerstore in amazon. Or get a used phone from rebuy.

You need a SIM Card?
If you need a SIM Card with a data plan that fit into personal needs, have a look for example at congstar. But of course any other providers are also working.

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